Those Tap Guys

OK so here’s something exciting.

There is a hot act in town!

And it’s VERY cool.

Those tap guys wander through street infused tap dance, old-fashioned swing, and the blood sweat and tears of the acoustic tap with creative flair, energy and a cheeky, fun approach. With moves from the double buffalo to the shuffle step, the audience won’t be able to take their eyes off the lads because they won’t want to miss what might happen next!

Those tap guys are the perfect combo of Rhythm, Acrobatics, Comedy, Sex Appeal and ultimate Aussie Ratbag. They scrub up real neat in a suit and hat or honour the blue-collar worker in jeans and singlets.

Those tap guys cast members are corporate entertainment pedigree with international experience and a seriously cool local following. those tap guys are fresh, innovative, hilarious and nail the job every time.




Technical Rider
(Maximum likely requirements)

The following is a list of staging specifications to ensure the safety of the performers and to guarantee Those Tap Guys’ perform at their best.

Stage: A strong, well-constructed stage with a wooden, non-slip surface is vital for tap-dance routines.
Please note: Those Tap Guys may have to adjust their performance if the stage is not to specification. Strictly NO plastic coating on the stage.

The preferred stage size is 7m WIDE X 5m DEEP. The stage must be a minimum of 6m WIDE X 4m DEEP for dance only performances.

Sound: A quality sound system with USB input (subject to room and audience size). A sound technician will be required to cue music at specific points throughout the performance. The system must include at least 2 fold-back wedges placed in the front corners of the stage. Please no wedges in the MIDDLE of the stage as this blocks the tap shoes – kind of a big deal in a tap show!

Microphones: Stage must be set up with enough microphones to ensure the taps can be heard from all areas of the stage. A minimum of 4 x Shotgun microphones are recommended.

Lighting: The whole stage must be suitably lit.

Sound-Check: Clear access to the stage for 30 Minutes is required prior to the arrival of the audience for rehearsal and sound-check. The sound system should be set up and checked prior to this rehearsal time to ensure the performers’ sound-check runs smoothly. If you have any concerns or queries please contact Skye Parker on info@thosetapguys.com

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